How is your business getting from point A to point B?

What are your plans?

The ground is always shifting, and what looked right a moment ago is suddenly outdated. The road that once held true is sending you back the way you came (FIG 1a). Just when you think you’ve found your way, a smooth ride begins to erode. A bump becomes a sinkhole. A roadblock sends you down an unfriendly, dimly lit detour. Now your vehicle begins to wear down. A tire’s tread goes bald (FIG 1b). Your transmission seizes at the mouth of a tunnel. So much for an easy commute. You fix what you can, start scanning the map for an alternate route, and hope to get to the mechanic soon. Maybe things will be better tomorrow. Maybe you’ll find the right way, or at least someone who can point you along.



We've logged thousands of miles and experienced every kind of route and mode of travel.

For more than 20 years, Plus Minus has shuttled all types of clients, both big and small. Whether you need room for 30 employees to sit back and stretch their legs, or it’s just you and your smartphone looking for a lift to higher ground, we’re here to drive you as far as you need to go. 

We see the detours before they happen, navigate the roadblocks, and help you find a smarter route.

Our accounting and bookkeeping professionals serve as your eyes, ears—even your wheels—to keep you from getting stuck by a tax situation you don’t see coming. 

We value technology, as well as the desire to automate and simplify where you can. It’s like having the best aftermarket performance accessories—fuel injectors, in-tank fuel pumps, new sport tires for slick terrain. We get it. We’ve always invested in next-generation solutions, especially to benefit our clients.


Plus Minus drives with you, no matter what path you’re on. We provide aerial and street-level views of where you’re going.

We’re an excellent guide.

No business owner wants to get hung up in a tricky tax situation, especially one you could have  avoided if you’d taken a different approach. 

In today’s tax climate, it’s essential to take the broadest view possible of where you’re headed, starting from the top-down. As your professional accounting team, we’re with you to help you see how traffic is moving, where the slow spots are, and what’s lurking up ahead. Are you setting yourself up for the best outcome possible? Are you putting yourself—and your business—at risk?

From there, we operate like an advanced, real-time GPS system, directing you away from trouble, and toward a more open route.


Driving you forward.

Maybe you need to check in with us once-per-quarter to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Or perhaps you want more frequent contact, even daily support. Whatever the case, Plus Minus helps you look out for yourself and others by bringing you the right mix of insight, people, and can-do capabilities. We hear your plans, clear the road ahead, and help you power toward your destination.

Experienced driver.

We’re a tight knit team of accounting professionals. Our experience dates back to the days of lap belts and bench seats up front. 

No matter how you ask us to drive—or what type of vehicle—we’re prepared to handle, manage, and navigate around any tax or bookkeeping challenge that comes.

Whether you want to take light rail, are in need of an SUV, or would prefer to hop on a plane and let the world fly by, we’re here to carry you along.


For those of you who like to do their own work, but have check-in stops along the way. You may even need to get out and walk a block before you hop back on.

You love doing your own books, or choose to do your books to cut down on costs. Plus Minus will still work with you to make sure you have a clear view of the terrain. Our Light Rail Plan involves quarterly check-ins, reviews, and tax planning, plus the following.

•  Two account reconciliations 
•  1099 prep (up to 20 vendors)
•  Business/corporate tax returns 

For those of you that may need someone to take the wheel every once in a while. After all,  it’s a long drive to go where  you’re going.

You want to maintain a level of in-house responsibilities, and rely on Plus Minus to handle the rest. With the Motorist Plan, we customize our work to around exactly where you’re going, and stay involved month-to-month to guide and support you where you need it most. 

•  Monthly reviews, tax planning and balance sheet
•  Four account reconciliations  
•  Setting up standard and consistent chart of accounts
•  1099 prep (up to 50 vendors)
•  Business/corporate tax returns

For those of you who want to sit back with a complimentary beverage and turn their attention elsewhere. Get ready to relax.

You want us to cover so much ground that we need to get off ground and into the air. Beyond traditional tax consulting, the Pilot Plan puts our work into the stratosphere as your go-to business building and tax planning team.

•  Unlimited time for consultation
•  Unlimited account reconciliation 
•  Standard and consistent chart of accounts
•  1099 prep (up to 100 vendors)
•  Business/corporate tax returns
•  11040 (personal) tax returns
•  Automated bill-pay

We'd love to hear more about the path your business is on.

Download our Service Plans brochure and give us a call.


Let’s say you decide to bring your bookkeeping in-house. You set up the software suite, and spend the next year dutifully plugging in the numbers. Things move smoothly—no ruts or patches of ice in the road anywhere. Come tax time, you follow all the steps, and submit taxes to the IRS—saving on accounting costs in the process. 

Everything looks great, but something’s off. A small error in how you entered numbers starts rumbling under the hood. The solution that saved a few hundred dollars has created a problem that will cost a few thousand to resolve—and wreak a little havoc in the process.

The software tools that promise to simplify your route are built to receive data, but not to guide.

These tools don’t come equipped with GPS. They’re designed to take in your numbers, and produce the reports you need. But they don’t stop you midway to offer guidance, suggest a new road, or remind you that you there’s a smarter, easier way to travel.  

This level of human-to-human insight truly helps you maximize the promise of these powerful tools, and avoid IRS scrutiny now and in the future.

Hang on, buckle up and come ride with us.