Navigating your big and small accounting needs.

History & Milestones

Welcome to the land of precision.

Stephan P. Sykes founded his accounting firm in September 1995. By then he’d spent a decade in the field, and while he was grateful for the professional experience and mentoring he received, he was ready to launch out and offer his own brand of services throughout the Greater Portland area.

In 2007, Sykes decided to relocate the business a few miles southeast to Oregon City. While still working with many clients in and around downtown Portland, as well as the western suburbs, the move provided an opportunity to expand his client base as well as his services.

Quote series [icon]
  • Every client brings completely different variables, requests and needs.

    Maria Reutov, Plus Minus

  • I enjoy helping others find their way through challenges. People did this for my family when we moved here decades ago. I like to pay it forward.

    Syna Pham, Plus Minus

  • I’m attached to all of my clients. I want to see them succeed, no matter how long we’ve worked with them.

    Diana Sykes, Plus Minus